Faculty Retreat 2021


Message from the Interim Provost

It is an honour and privilege to be an integral part of academics at LUMS at this emanating time in history as we combat unprecedented global challenges and openheartedly embrace an innovative technological revolution in the global academic market.

The Provost’s Office resonates with the inherent predilection of LUMS to achieve greatness and unparalleled standards of excellence. As yet another year was tainted by the pandemic, the Provost’s Office continued to battle with COVID-19 and maintained campus safety; while also successfully endeavouring to conquer uncharted diverse territories of asynchronous learning, prioritising mental health of students, faculty development and facilitating groundbreaking research.

We look forward to the coming year and hope it is filled with prosperity and prideful accomplishments as we continue to strive and establish the outstanding academic and teaching standards required to shape the future leaders and solution providers of tomorrow.