Framework for Faculty Career Progression

The Office of the Provost works tirelessly to foster academic excellence and outstanding teaching standards which are the salient features of LUMS. The Office places special focus on nurturing and promoting faculty as a precursor of exceptional teaching standards.

Here at the Office of the Provost, we deeply value and appreciate our teaching faculty and aim to provide an environment conducive to their development and supportive of their professional practice as extraordinary pedagogical scholars. In this regard, the Office has succeeded in establishing a strong career progression chart for teaching faculty which streamlines and consolidates academic ranks, appointments and teaching tracks to curate a rewarding career path for them.

We have also formally introduced the ‘Teaching Excellence Framework’, which intends to uphold the integrity of academics and continually maintain the highest standards of teaching exhibited by our faculty. Each of the five schools at LUMS will now showcase teaching excellence portfolios based on their diverse missions of innovation, social change, technological development, research, modernisation, and entrepreneurial ventures.